Putting the 3T in The Chri3Tie Hospital

How we put the 3T in The Chri3Tie

It was a crucial time for The Christie Hospital, Manchester. They were looking to purchase the revolutionary 3-Tesla Scanner for their MRI department and usher in the next generation of cancer care. Unfortunately, they were facing a huge barrier: the media.

Gotta love the media

At the time of this campaign, the fundraising sector was in disarray, accused by the media of using “emotional blackmail”. Undeterred, we got busy finding a way to communicate to supporters without upsetting them.

It was going to take something both personal and ambitious.

Starting from scratch

While the industry lay low, waiting for the media storm to blow over, we got stuck in to a creative but firm appeal. We stripped away emotion to lead instead with a wholly rational approach, and we forewent the use of a case study to focus our message on investment.

Data played its part in making the pack bold, striking and memorable. We extracted names and locations from our database to personalise headlines and added a dash of social proofing (“Mr Smith, join the community of supporters in Preston”).

To top it off, we used a simple play on words to create a memorable campaign proposition – “Put the 3T in The Chri3Tie”.

Now that's a headline

The response was unprecedented. 5,983 people donated, raising a staggering £199,075 between them. The response rate for our first mailer was an unbelievable 13.88%, more than triple the industry average, and the total average gift was higher than £33. These results are made even more impressive when one considers the climate of uncertainty surrounding our campaign.

But the best result of all? That was seeing The Christie take delivery of their brand new MRI 3-Tesla Scanner, a revolutionary piece of equipment that will improve research and patient care at The Christie for years to come.

28th November 2016


Branding, Direct Mail, Recruitment


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