Making headlines with ShelterBox

When an enormous earthquake rocked Nepal in 2015, our client ShelterBox wasted no time responding

But organising huge international aid projects isn’t cheap. ShelterBox needed funds, and fast.

Luckily, we knew what to expect. As soon as we heard the news, we halted everything to prepare for the brief from our client. Sure enough, when it came, the countdown had already begun.

This is the story of how we raised £98,000 in just one day:

Stop press!

Within moments, we were on the phones, buying up every inch of media space we could get our hands on, while our creatives got to work preparing a heavy-hitting direct response ad. Our intention? To be all over the morning papers.

Efficiency was the name of the game. To that end, we stripped away everything we could 'til we were left with nothing but a few words, a single picture, a response device and – of course – a big, bold call to action.

The nation responds

Next morning, the papers reported on the devastation in Nepal. Alongside their articles were our emergency appeals (which had a much stronger headline, if you please).

Our quick response ensured that we were as timely as the news, while our headline helped to inspire an incredible nationwide response.

ShelterBox responds too

That morning, as ShelterBox volunteers boarded planes to Nepal ready to help thousands of people on the ground, the donations came rolling in.

From just one day’s media buying, and only three placements – in The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph – we accrued in excess of £98,000, with a net profit of £79,090, which amounted to a staggering ROI of 5.16. Our original media spend was competitive too, at just £19,000.

In total, 1,536 people responded, many of them within the first day. Average donations reached as high as £71.92 in The Guardian, giving an overall average of £63.86.

28th November 2016




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