Saving the Arctic with Greenpeace

What if we could go further than fundraising?

What if we could use direct mail to inspire a generation to make a real, positive impact on the planet? What if we could recruit, retain and fundraise all at the same time?
These were the kind of questions that inspired our big, big response to Greenpeace’s simple brief: help us to save the Arctic.

A tough response to a truly tragic issue

We took a longitudinal approach, spreading our campaign over 18 months with a narrative that would keep Greenpeace donors eager to know what was next.

Taking this extended approach allowed us to explore many elements and themes – from controversy to humour, mass activism to personal passion, and more – we made sure there was something for everyone to get involved with.

The right message at the right time (one way or another)

We used proven creative approaches to maximise feedback. For one pack, we printed our copy on the outside of the envelope. For another, we included a comical Christmas card. One letter went all-out to incite outrage, with an urgent plea coming straight from Greenpeace’s International Director, while another was warmer and more down-to-earth.

Timing was considered too. We made sure our mailers and reminder packs reached letterboxes during periods of peak media attention, whether it was during massive protests in London and New Zealand, or as the popularity of BBC’s Frozen Planet hit its peak.

The results of a generation

Over the 18 months, we raised double our target income. Response rates peaked at 21% while average gifts soared above £40.

28th November 2016


Digital, Direct Mail


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