Taking FOUR PAWS to Gaza with an urgent multi-channel appeal

How we helped FOUR PAWS evacuate the “worst zoo in the world”

The residents of Khan Younis Zoo – dubbed by the press “the worst zoo in the world” – were the forgotten victims of the 2016 conflict in Gaza. But not to FOUR PAWS. As the last remaining animals slowly succumbed to this crisis, FOUR PAWS launched a daring rescue operation. But there was a problem. They needed funds, urgently. Luckily for them, we knew just how to get them.

Pulling out all the stops

FOUR PAWS’ rescue plan was as grand as it was dangerous. Not only would they be attempting to save animals from one of the most dangerous parts of the world, they would be providing emergency medical care for them while transporting them to sanctuaries around the world. Their funds would need to cover everything from logistics, to medical costs, to the cost of merely entering Gaza through the blockade. If the rescue team were pulling out all the stops, we knew we would have to as well…

So what did we do?

We threw everything we could at the creative, from as many angles as possible. We allocated budget to both press ads and direct mail, in order to get our urgent message to as many people as possible, then got to work writing a heavy-hitting appeal.

There was no point being witty. This was an emergency appeal. “URGENT RESCUE MISSION” read the headline on the envelope. “16 ANIMALS WILL STARVE TO DEATH UNLESS WE ACT FAST”. No room for misinterpretation. No time to lose.


Our intense choice of words and stripped-back design worked in tandem to smash FOUR PAWS’ targets across the board – from just two press advertisements and one direct mail pack, we raised over £100,000, beating target on the direct mail campaign by more than 50%. The campaign delivered FOUR PAWS’ highest return on investment in 2016 and achieved the highest average gift of the year too.

We even managed to lower spend against our client’s expectations by lowering the volume, and we spared on printing costs by using a reduced format, foregoing superfluous material, and attaching the response device to the letter.

9th December 2016


Direct Mail, Print


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