Helping Centrepoint to invest in young people

How we inspired Centrepoint donors to stop giving and start investing

To encourage donors to give to Centrepoint’s bursary appeal, which would provide support for disadvantaged young people going into work or education, we painted a picture of modern-day London through the eyes of a less-fortunate person, with a proposition engineered to appeal to well-to-do Londoners. We asked them to ‘invest’ in Centrepoint – to ‘invest’ in the futures of young people.

Dividends that do good

We discovered that, although the organisation is well-known across Britain, Centrepoint’s donors are very locally-minded. They also abhor civil injustice, are committed to ending homelessness through practical means, and they care deeply about all disadvantaged people in their communities.

We tapped into these powerful truths to add weight to our rational, practical ask. This weight was essential, as the campaign could not be set in the present. Investing, after all, is not about the here-and-now, but about long-term change.

Familiar, but different

Tangible targets, such as getting young people into productive education, and a clear fundraising target provided the hooks that would turn Centrepoint donors into investors.

We hammered the point home by connecting Centrepoint’s largely London-based audience with their time and place, by including something in our direct mail campaign every Londoner would be familiar with – a travel card wallet-shaped lift. This communicated Centrepoint’s bursary strategy and included a handwritten plea from a beneficiary.

Busier than the trading floor

We knew how successful our appeal was destined to be when, in only its third week, one extraordinary supporter invested £100,000. From there, the investment-donations continued to roll in, smashing our target much earlier than expected (even without this single, huge donation). Ultimately, we raised more than £200,000 from just 2,500 replies.

28th November 2016


Digital, Direct Mail


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