Breaking new ground for MAP – legacy fundraising

Legacy fundraising was a relatively unexplored territory for MAP

Due to the loyal nature of their donor base, MAP and On agreed it was time to test the untapped potential of legacy fundraising. But, with their fierce, value-driven audience, it was paramount that we hit the right tone.

Thankfully, we had our Life Review up our sleeve

Life Review is the decision making process most supporters go through when deciding to leave a legacy donation. Rather than basing the decision on the scale and tangibility of the need – the process behind most traditional donations – supporters think about their lives and how they want to be remembered: the legacy they leave behind.

Along came John

We had the ideal case study: John. As a human rights supporter, a volunteer and a MAP legator, John embodied the values and spirit of MAP supporters. He was the perfect candidate for our signatory.

We dedicated four pages to tell John’s story, carefully placing memories, reflections and questions in the letter to establish a connection between John and the reader. Doing so, we instilled a sense of shared beliefs and values.

What did we learn?

That supporters were more likely to become a legacy pledger after reading about the experience of a living legacy supporter. John was not only relatable as as a fellow supporter, but his story normalised the legacy conversation.

But did supporters follow in John's footsteps?

Feedback has been positive and we're excited to see the long-term impact this pack delivers.

14th October 2019


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