Meditation could transform your office

Yes, we’re following the trend that’s swept the nation – from the high profile tech giants to small local businesses. Meditation at work: it’s the latest fashion.

But we don’t follow blindly. As always, we’re entirely motivated by science and insight…

Poor mental health affects 50% of all employees in the UK.

And there is solid proof that meditation can help. For example…

Did you know that meditation lowers blood pressure?

A study measured the effect of regular meditation on 238 healthy employees against a control group who didn’t meditate. Results found that those who meditated had lower blood pressure than before taking part in the study. Not only that, but they also reported significant increases in work place satisfaction, wellbeing and decreased levels of workplace strain.

See, there’s a reason everyone’s meditating in the office. Call it hippy-dippy, but you can’t argue with science.

There are countless other studies to be listed off, too.

Some studies even show meditation can increase brain and immune function in as little as eight short weeks.

It’s incredible what a little bit of rest can do. And by that I mean real rest. Allow me to go rogue for a moment and abandon science for an anecdote (I am a copywriter, after all…)

I’ve meditated every Wednesday for about a year now. I’ve come to the alarming realisation that I’m not very good at resting. I’m great at scrolling through Instagram, watching Netflix, reading a good book. But actually resting? It’s a whole new skill that I never invested enough time in to learn properly. But now, Wednesday by Wednesday, I teach myself how to relax every muscle in my body and switch off my brain to anxieties and stresses.

Resting is an invaluable skill, believe it or not.

To individuals, to businesses, to society. With healthier humans, with more focused cognitive function, a business will thrive. That’s why we meditate here at On, that’s how we’re getting more and more done in a day and that’s how we’re becoming a healthier workplace.

It seems too easy, to change a whole organisation by sitting in a room quietly and breathing slowly. But big changes really can start that small.


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