Time to Talk Day 2019

On Time to Talk Day. Here at On Agency we’re a friendly bunch and pride ourselves on having a happy workplace where people
care about each other. Even so, mental health is still a subject that doesn’t often pop up in everyday chats,
and when you realise that one in four people are affected by mental health problems, it makes you think, why

Time to Talk Day 2019 was a good place to get those conversations going. On Agency’s mental health team
used resources from the Time to Change charity and ran fun and also some more serious activities
throughout the day. From a mental health ‘pub quiz’ to test our knowledge on mental health statistics, to a
brainstorm on simply how to ask if someone was ok, it really got us thinking – and talking.

On a more serious and less discussed subject, local Brighton charity Grassroots Suicide Prevention gave a
session called Real Talk. In Brighton we have the third highest suicide rate in the country, and this eyeopening
session helped us as an agency to gain the confidence and skills to start real and potentially life
saving conversations about suicide.

To keep the talking going after the day’s events, we held a ‘Secret Banta’ – a twist on the Christmas time
tradition of spending a fiver on a silly gift for a colleague you might not know well. This time, when a name
was picked, you chose a mental health subject, a location, and would then go for a chat. Simple.

The agency had people going to bingo, for a curry, to a gallery or to play pool in the pub, discussing subjects
from gardening, social media and mental health, the stress of Brexit to how art is good for the mind. The
feedback has been great and has inspired people to talk more – a perfect conclusion for the day.


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