What my grandmother taught me about White Saviours

On Agency Director Simone La Corbinière shares her personal view on the lessons she learnt from her grandmother who worked as a Nursing Superintendent at the St Lucia branch of…


Unprecedented times
(but not as unprecedented as you think)

On Agency Director Alastair Irons reflects on charity fundraising during times of crisis and what we can learn from history. Listeners to Radio 5 might have been as surprised as…


Language is evolving:
Is your message getting lost in translation?

As we collectively adjust to the new ‘post-pandemic’ reality, changes are afoot in almost every area of society. Does this even extend to the way we use language? There’s evidence…


Now is the time to plan your Christmas campaign

Picture the scene… the end of 2020, a year we had to spend much of separated from our loved ones. It’s Christmas time, and families all over the country are…

Awards On Agency

On Agency win Best Charity at 2020 Chip Shop Awards

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve won Best Charity at The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2020. Our ad was inspired by ActionAid and their vital work to end child marriage. See…

Legacy Stewardship header

It’s time to thank your legacy pledgers. Then thank them again.

In our recently-published report on the impact of COVID-19 on the fundraising marketplace and donor decision making, we spoke about the importance of recognising donors who have continued to support…

Insight On Agency

Knowledge is power: how benchmarking can unlock your fundraising potential

What is Benchmarking? According to the dictionary, “to benchmark” is “to evaluate something against a standard.” But what should you be evaluating, and against what standard? A Google search only…

On Agency

On Agency nominated for 2020 Chip Shop Awards

We’re delighted to be a finalist in the Best Charity category for The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2020. The awards are a great opportunity to unleash our creativity, with no…

Donor Care Header
Donor Care Fundraising

Don’t forget to show you care

With demand for services up and voluntary income down, it’s understandable that charities may be relegating donor care in favour of banker packs and big ROI’s.  But don’t write off the humble donor care piece just yet… it might still prove…

On Agency

People are fantastic. Why we shouldn’t be surprised that people are doing better than we think. They’re human after all.

Humans, homo sapiens, probably emerged around two to three hundred thousand years ago. Yet here we are, in 2020, and we still have an infinite capacity to surprise ourselves. Our…

Fundraising On Agency

Crisis has hit and surf’s up – how your charity can ride the wave

Understanding consumer behaviour is always at the heart of what we do. Alas, there is no rule book for what we are encountering at the moment. But we can still…

On Agency

Love in the time of Coronavirus

In the relentless scroll of Coronavirus news, it’s understandable to feel anxious or become completely overwhelmed or worry about those we love. My mother and her partner, both in their…

International Women's Day On Agency

I am the 1 in 6

8th March 2020 – International Women’s Day   It’s just like UB40 said. Apart from not as catchy. I am the 1 In 6 creative directors who is female. That’s…

International Women's Day

Putting the SHE in ShelterBox this International Women’s Day

At about 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon, ‘SHE’ was born in the On Agency studio for International Women’s Day. Gemma (talented and wonderful art director) and I were looking through…

On Agency

Time to Talk Day 2019

On Time to Talk Day. Here at On Agency we’re a friendly bunch and pride ourselves on having a happy workplace where people care about each other. Even so, mental…

Fundraising Legacy

Legacy and Donation Income: Getting the Balance Right

Income streams are important. And, with the legacy bubble around the corner, it’s vital that your organisation has a good legacy – donation income balance. To help our clients understand…

On Agency

Meditation could transform your office

Yes, we’re following the trend that’s swept the nation – from the high profile tech giants to small local businesses. Meditation at work: it’s the latest fashion. But we don’t…

Events Fundraising On Agency

We Beat The Bog!

This is a story of bravery in the face of adversity. It’s a story of victory, of triumph, of near-freezing conditions and filthy frolicking. A story of how we beat…

Shine for ShelterBox
Events Fundraising On Agency

On Posh, Nosh or Slosh: Launching ShelterBox’s Shine Event

On posh, nosh or slosh. This October, On Agency is helping to launch Shine for ShelterBox 2018 across Facebook, Instagram and a range of media. Shine for ShelterBox is a mass…

Behavioural Economics Fundraising On Agency

Five Appeal Boosting Behavioural Fundraising Principles

At On Agency, we take a behavioural approach to fundraising. By embedding behavioural economics into our work we help clients smash their targets. Here are five ways you can apply…

Fundraising Legacy On Agency

On Legacy

On Agency has just launched a legacy campaign for World Cancer Research Fund, which funds research into how to prevent cancer through diet and exercise. To create a proposition, we…

Digital Fundraising On Agency

Digital Fundraising: It’s Personal

“How does my charity raise more money from appeals?” is a question we’ve heard plenty of times at On Agency. The answer, more often than not, is to treat every…

CRO Digital Fundraising On Agency

On Digital Fundraising: By Failing to Experiment You Are Experimenting with Failure

Experimenting has long been part of direct mail fundraising. Whether it’s testing different ask strategies, theme, copy, design, font size, freebie, personalisation, envelope colour, picture, prompts, non-financial ask, fundraising target…

Digital Events Fundraising On Agency

BOGSTACLE: when you take a great idea and flush it down the toilet

BOGSTACLE mass participation event, WaterAid Today we’re lifting the lid on a filthy new brand for WaterAid’s muddy obstacle race – that’s right, we’re launching BOGSTACLE! We’ve been getting our…

Awards On Agency

On Agency nominated for two IoF awards

On Agency are delighted to announce that we have two nominations in the Best Use of Individual Giving category at the Institute of Fundraising Awards this year. These nominations are…

On Agency

on a very muddy pitch…

We’re thrilled to announce that, after a highly competitive pitch, WaterAid has appointed us to grow their mass participation event Tough Sh!t. This toilet-themed obstacle course race involves mud and fun, and all for a great…

On Agency


At the start of our 21st year, On Agency, the fundraising specialist marketing agency based in Brighton, is putting employee welfare at the top of the agenda. Starting on Monday…

On Agency

On Agency volunteers at National Cat Centre

By Keri Kennedy, Head of Studio: One of the many perks of working at On Agency is that, every year, we get a paid charity volunteer day. When I’m not…

Leo, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, joins On Agency
On Agency

On Agency expands mindfulness division with key hire

As a leading fundraising agency, On Agency is forever searching for the latest innovations and strategies in our quest to create a better, fairer, kinder, happier world. To that end,…

On Agency

On Agency is now on LinkedIn and Facebook

Completing a hat-trick of exciting news, On Agency invites you to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook. Along with Instagram and the launch of our new website, our Facebook and LinkedIn…

On Agency

We’re On Instagram!

It’s 2017 and On Agency continues to strive forward – new office, new website and now… Instagram! Our Instagram account is run by our staff, so expect plenty of shots…

Fundraising agency On Agency launches new website
On Agency

Welcome to the new

Welcome to the brand new On Agency website! A welcome way to start 2017, now includes much more content – including new projects in our portfolio (such as this…

Awards Events

Best Individual Giving Campaign at the IOF Awards 2015

On Agency is absolutely delighted to have been nominated! On Agency is absolutely delighted to have been nominated for Best Individual Giving Campaign at the Institute of Fundraising Awards 2015….


We are thrilled with the success of this campaign, achieved through the simple combination of compelling proposition, the tangibility of our work, innovative and striking creative, a seasonal angle and careful targeting.

A. Wallace, CEO ShelterBox
onagency win award 2015
Awards Events

On Agency win Best Creative Agency 2015

For the second year running On Agency has been awarded ‘Best Creative Agency’ at the 2015 IOF ‘Partners in Fundraising’ awards. We were delighted to defend our title in a…

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