On Legacy

On Agency has just launched a legacy campaign for World Cancer Research Fund, which funds research into how to prevent cancer through diet and exercise. To create a proposition, we used our 4D planning process: Dig, Define, Develop, Deliver.

The Dig stage involved interviews with pledgers to understand their motivations. To Define the shape of the campaign, we ran a workshop, including a ‘life review’ activity, asking people to match their year of birth to foods such as Spam, Arctic Roll, Fray Bentos Pies, Black Forest Gateau and Smash, and to share memories of food from their childhood. Suddenly, the room was full of amazing, hilarious and deeply poignant stories, proving how profound our connection to food is.

At Development, we crafted four possible territories building on these insights. The winning territory was ‘Rewrite The Future’, focusing on the power to prevent cancer through healthy lifestyle choices. And then we Delivered! The integrated campaign with Facebook, Instagram and Press ads is performing very well and the client sent some fantastic feedback: ‘It’s been great working with your team, they are really lovely people.’ Developing a legacy proposition? Please do get in touch.

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