Legacy and Donation Income: Getting the Balance Right

Income streams are important. And, with the legacy bubble around the corner, it’s vital that your organisation has a good legacy – donation income balance. To help our clients understand whether their balance is the right balance, we ran some analysis on the income balance of some of the nations most well known Animal Welfare and Medical Research charities. Here’s what we found.

As expected, we found a positive correlation between donation income and legacy income. Meaning as donation income grows, so does legacy. This finding was lauded round the office as confirmation of what we’ve been helping clients do all along, invest in the supporter experience. Afterall a highly engaged supporter is more likely to leave a gift in their legacy, and now the data proves it.

The growth journey can, however, be a winding one. With changing priorities, charities can find themselves deviating from the trendline, finding that their balance is out of kilter with other charities in the same sector. But, this isn’t cause for concern. In our twenty years of experience in the fundraising industry, deviation represents a big opportunity for growth. In effect, it’s easier to grow the income stream that falls short of the trendline. The label-less chart below makes it easier to see which charities could benefit from shifting priorities, as well as those that have the balance right.

This insight is particularly relevant for charities with legacy income between £442,000 and £7,000,000, as these charities tend to deviate most from the trendline. This means there is more opportunity to capitalise on the income stream balance more effectively. Simply letting your supporters know how a legacy pledge will help you achieve your objectives, could get the ball rolling.

For more information on this analysis, or to find out how your charity compares for FREE, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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