Putting the SHE in ShelterBox this International Women’s Day

At about 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon, ‘SHE’ was born in the On Agency studio for International Women’s Day.

Gemma (talented and wonderful art director) and I were looking through new ShelterBox case studies about incredible women. Women like Fatnizar, who set up her own business in a ShelterBox tent after a tsunami took her home. We were so drawn in by incredible women like her, and with International Women’s Day just around the corner, we put two and two together and came out with SHE.

We started tweaking the design of the ShelterBox logo, then we played with digital platforms, looking at where we could shout the loudest about the impact ShelterBox has had for women around the world. That’s how our idea snowballed into a huge integrated campaign across the Cornish charity’s digital and offline platforms. On Facebook screens, on Twitter feeds, on Instagram and on doormats, the SHE in ShelterBox is making its mark.

In today’s current climate, amidst the #metoo scandals constantly hitting the headlines, it is more important than ever for brands to play their part when International Women’s Day rolls around. And that’s what ShelterBox is all about – the empowerment of women in the face of natural disaster or conflict.

When a crisis hits, it is women who are most affected. With ShelterKits, with tents, with solar lights and other vital equipment, it is also women who can rebuild their homes, their schools, their businesses and their lives.

That’s why we are so proud to shout about ShelterBox’s commitment to women. There is no jumping on bandwagons here, our message is honest. ShelterBox supports women and this International Women’s Day, they are proud to rally even more support for women the world over.

Now that SHE is live, we’ve decided to take our own advice. We’ve changed our logo for the day to the symbol for women – we’re putting our brand where our mouth is. At On, female empowerment is part of our ethos and we make bi-annual checks to ensure that women are paid the same as men for the same role. We are holding a special International Women’s Day discussion today to work on more ways to make our agency as equal as possible.

Which is all our way of saying: happy International Women’s Day!


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