On Posh, Nosh or Slosh: Launching ShelterBox’s Shine Event

On posh, nosh or slosh. This October, On Agency is helping to launch Shine for ShelterBox 2018 across Facebook, Instagram and a range of media. Shine for ShelterBox is a mass participation event now in its third year. Prior to developing the creative, we undertook extensive insight to understand donor motivations and what the barriers might be to taking part. We discovered the target audience wasn’t perhaps as Hyacinth Bucket as we suspected, and while not exactly as free-and-easy as Onswell, would tend to prefer more of a cheeky takeaway to a starchy candle-lit supper when getting together with friends and family. The creative we’ve developed reflects this, with the emphasis on the nosh and slosh, rather than just the posh. We’ve led more with the beneficiaries too, making the connection between hosting a cosy fundraising party in say, Truro, and getting emergency light into disaster-zones. On Agency’s Shine event is already in the diary…

Learn more about Shine for ShelterBox.

Shine for ShelterBox event

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